May 22, 2017
Are fidget spinners a fun toy or a stress reliever?

You might ask yourself: what is the true purpose of a fidget spinner? Is it just a fun fidget toy to play with or is it a true stress reliever?


Well the answer is, both! A fidget toy can be used to play with in many different ways, whether it's just spinning it in your hand, spinning it on a flat surface, or trying to master cool spinner tricks. You can even turn it into a game and try to see how long you can balance it on your finger!



However, as stated by psychiatrists, gyro swivel movements aid in increasing attention for attention deficit and ADHD patients. Morever, it could even be helpful to relieve mental stress. As told to us by many of our customers, it is a very relaxing toy to use as it helps redirect your nervous energy. You can play around with our different fidget spinner matierals, shape, and rotation effects to find which one suits your style best.


Tyler S.