April 28, 2017

Fidget spinners are not only great for entertainment purposes, but they also help you focus which is beneficial for those who experience anxiety and ADHD. It also helps those who are trying to quit bad habits such as nail biting, as it gives you something else to focus on.

Our Spinnables provide entertainment while giving you a place to channel your excess energy! This is why Forbes coined fidget toys the "must-have office toy for 2017".

Reference to Forbes: “When introducing testers or random passersby to a spinner, the conversation always went the same way. We'd tell them what it was and they'd have some sort of aggressively incredulous response, but then we'd put it in their hand and in a matter of seconds they'd say how much they like it and wouldn't want to give it back -- every single time, without fail.

It may not sound like it, but these fidget toys -- the Cube included -- could very well improve your day-to-day by giving you an innocuous outlet for your nervous or bored energy, and our testers unanimously found this to be true. Some of us played with the spinners instead of bit our nails and cuticles -- I went from short nails and raw skin to being able to squeeze a lemon into a glass of water with no problem. Some found we were more present in our daily lives -- fidgeting with the spinner on the subway and paying attention to our surroundings rather than burying our faces in our phones. A few of us noticed we got up from our desks less, dumping energy into fidgeting with the spinner rather than taking mindless trips to the pantry. Our engagement level with the spinners varied from tester to tester, but we all preferred having them around, and found ourselves reaching for it when we were doing things that didn't require both hands, from editing an article to simply waiting for the elevator.

We also found that the spinners are a good conversation piece. People tend to wonder what in the world you're playing with, and when someone actually recognizes them, it's like an instant bonding moment. Funnily enough, after having a frustrating couple days at the Apple Store trying to get my phone battery repaired in a reasonable time, an Apple technician noticed my spinner, struck up a conversation, and smoothly helped me along the process. Some of us also found that the spinners scratched our collector's and hobbyist itch. I kind of want to catch 'em all and display them on a shelf, whereas others looked into how to build their own.”

Ultimately, since the fidget spinner field is relatively new, there isn't enough research to guarantee that these spinners can actually help from a mental health standpoint, but you have to try it for yourself!

Tyler S.