Gold Star Spinnable

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Have you ever seen a Spinnable toy as beautiful as this Gold Star Spinnable? With its 4-pointed-star shape and sapphire embedded balls, it's quite a beauty. 

This Spinnable is ranked #1 in our collection for "Best Spinning Feel". It is our heaviest spinnable, but not too heavy! It is very easy to spin, very smooth, and very deserving of its title, it truly does feel great to spin this on your finger.

Size: 5 inches

Material: alloy metals

Important Note: Our Spinnables are NOT sharp and will not cut you. Some tips are pointy but they will not stab you enough to cut you unless you purposely try to. These are considered FIDGET SPINNER TOYS not weapons, especially our Ninja Shurikens. They are not meant to be thrown, only spun on your fingers!

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Germany, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, and many more countries do not accept Spinnable Shurikens to enter the country due to the fact they look like weapons and they do not pass border customs.

Our Fidget Spinners ship worldwide to every country. If you have both a Fidget Spinner and Spinnable Shuriken in your cart, you will not be able to checkout, so please remove the Shuriken Spinnable(s) from your cart and try again.