Red Fidget Spinner - Ceramic Bearings

$5.99 $16.99

This is our BRAND NEW style of Spinnable Toy - The Fidget Spinner, featuring the colour RED. We received hundreds of requests by our customers to bring these to our store and now we have them. 

They spin for 2 minutes long and have 3 steel counterweights to balance it perfectly for a smooth and crisp spin.

Why choose us? Simple! Our Fidget Spinners feature high quality CERAMIC bearings unlike most other sellers which only feature Steel Bearings. While true that our other Spinnables Shurikens / Transforming Spinnables have Steel Bearings, those would simply not be affordable if we used ceramic bearings.

Grab yours today while in stock! Available in a total of 4 different colours - Red, Black, White, and Blue!

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Many countries do not allow Spinnable Shurikens to enter their territory due to the fact they look like weapons and thus they do not pass border customs and postal inspections.

You are able to order Spinnable toys regardless of your country of residence and we happily ship worldwide to every country! However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the Spinnable toys you order can legally be imported into your country of residence. We cannot guarantee that the postal and customs authorities of your country will allow delivery to you. All sales are final. Unfortunately, we cannot refund orders in cases where the package was denied entry into your country of residence and confiscated by local customs and/or postal authorities.